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Customer Reviews

Kelly Leslie - I've had the honor of knowing Linn and Rick for many years now. I remember when I went to their open house, we all had such a great time! I have been a photographer (mainly drag racing and motorsports) for 14 years, I've met many people in this industry and by far Linn & Rick are some of the best people in the business! They are intelligent and caring... something rare in any business especially something as competitive as motorsports. I also have a 2013 GT and I am very picky on who I allow to work on it. Amazon has helped me in the past, and I will continue to look to them for advice and the needs of my vehicles! Thanks for always being there Amazon Tuning!

Dee Conwell - Rick and Linn are good people, first and foremost. They will go out of their way to be sure you are satisfied. When Rick tuned my 04 Cobra, he didn’t just load a tune in it and make a couple of dyno pulls, he spent a couple of hours on it tweaking it all throughout the rpm range. I have referred several people to ATS and continue to give them props anytime tuning or Mustangs comes up in conversation. I just hate they moved from Anderson :(

Rich Hanewald - I've dealt with Rick for years now on various projects anything from a 93 Cobra, 03 Cobra, 04 Lightning, 08 GT500, and have always received high quality service for a good price. Rick has tuned for decades at this point and one of the few on the planet that I would trust touching my cars. Thanks for all the good years man!

Joe Knox - Rick is about as good guy as you can come across a pleasure to work with.

Scott Jones - Great people

Clint Jones - I had my 2004 cobra tuned from Rick at Amazon Tuning back in march-april we did a remote tune after some data logs and tuning on it some he got it tuned right up I have had zero problems out of it . I talked with Rick on several occasions and Rick was going through some difficult times with family if you look at the time line of Amazon Tuning you will notice they disappeared for a while then came back , they stay busy and have problems just like every one else , for those of you that want a tune right now do like me buy a remote tune from Rick buy the new x4 and now you can tune no sense in bad mouthing when there probably taking care of family or off at an event.

Nick Mason - Must say absolutely superb customer service ....Rick and Linn have taken care of me very well thus far...Tha KS for all the kindness and help

Billy Wenk - Did a good job. Was real knowledgeable and made sure the tune was safe for my motor.

Lisa Parker Jolley - 5 starRick is a very knowledgeable tuner. My 03 cobra runs the best it ever has. There are also very nice and wonderful people.

Roy Ward - Rick is great guy to deal with wish lived closer to deal with in person other then phone ... :)

John P Vourakis - Great people Rick is the best kept secret on the new 5.0l cars around. A lot of Cobra experience as well. He's been tuning cars well before some others around were still picking their noses. His auto trans tunes make cars run incredibly well. Great choice for whatever you need tuned ! Linn is a sweet great hearted person you'll enjoy dealing with her. Thanks guys !!

Zach Green - 5 starI've known rick and Linn for around 8 years. Great people to deal with and do great work! I run ricks tunes on my 01 f350 7.3 tow/farm truck. Performs very well. Low egts and good smooth power.

Derek Tillery - I've known Rick and Linn going on 12 or 13 years now... he's tuned every car and truck I've needed tuning work done on! never had any issues and plenty of guys have had WAY more done and couldn't run the numbers my truck would! never gave up anything in street manors in way of making power!

Matt Duncan - Rick & Linn are some of the best people! Always friendly, helpful, & Rick's tuning skills are unmatched! Even before Rick tuned my 90 GT, he always had time to answer my questions about which part I needed, or point me in the right direction for troubleshooting, etc. Good customer service is hard to find these days - unfortunately it seems to be a lost art, however; it is easily found at Amazon Tuning Solutions!

Alex Martinez - Rick and linn are great people I've always had good luck with Rick on my harley truck. been tuned with by him for 10 years and will continue for as long as i mod my truck.

Bob Green - I have watched Rick work his magic on many vehicles over the last 8 years. He always makes sure the customer is pleased with the work & the vehicle is running the very best. He tuned my Mustang & F150 and both performed great! Thanks to Rick & Linn for their company & friendship.

James Cook - I've known Rick & Linn since 2003 after meeting them at Bradenton. I've been very satisfied with all work Rick has performed on my Terminator going from stock to heavily modified as time & money allowed. Rick has always listened to my input and provided me with feedback to help me make the best decision with daily driver that made a few trips to the track. Not many businessmen would do that especially when the decision could mean less money in his pocket. It is for this reason that my trust grew and loyalty remains.

My experience with ATS is that their pricing is competitive and integrity is above reproach!

Stephen Marks - I can honestly say I had a great experience with ATS! My 04 ProCharged Mach 1 has been tuned now for over 8 years with a Rick custom tune. I think that is great advertisement right there considering it's on the stock bottom end! Rick and Linn treat you like family and I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Melman Flory - Rick and Linn are two of the best people you will ever meet. Rick built my 03 Lightning and no one in town wanted pull up beside me.

Super people, super service and the ultimate in high performance knowledge, skills and professionalism.

Everyone else abandoned me when I broke my neck but Rick and Linn have always checked in on my to see how I am doing. Just really great people.

Ford Moore Jr - I had a great time with them. Learned a ton of great stuff and made some great friends . All around fantastic people to do business with and hang out just to chat with.