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Mustang Dyno 1100SE

Any dyno will spin the tires, do some figuring and print a graph. But some can do more than others.

Mustang Dynamometers are unique because they are loading dynamometers designed to duplicate real world operating conditions. The patented control system uses eddy current power absorbers to load a vehicle exactly the way it would be loaded on the street -- including wind resistance, which is a significant factor in high-speed testing. Mustang dynos also feature a load cell to measure the power being applied to the rolls. Without going into a lot of theory, a Mustang dyno gives you a real world tune, every time.

The term dynamometer is commonly defined as - "an instrument for measuring mechanical force", with force being commonly defined as - "any external agent that causes a change in the motion of a free body, or that causes stress in a fixed body". In the case of the chassis dyno, the purpose at hand is to measure the rotational force of the driven wheels mounted to the vehicle under test. This is typically achieved via a series of rollers – which when coupled to a vehicle's tires resembles a toothless gear arrangement. In many cases, an absorption device is incorporated into the roller arrangement so as to allow for "steady state" testing

Horsepower: 2,000 hp-maximum measurement capability
Loading: 900 hp (XL PAU)
Maximum Speed: 225 mph
Inertia: 1,500 lbs. / 600 lbs. (nominal)
Controls: Closed loop digital controller w/Microsoft Windows XPT based software, includes patented virtual Road Simulation Technology (RST)
Hand Control: Infrared, for remote operation
Rolls: Precision machined & dynamically balanced 30" diameter balanced rolls 1 x 50" , 1 x 28" face length 30" inner track width 108" outer track width
Frame: Heavy-duty structural steel frame
Roll Lock: Pneumatic Roll Lock
Axle Weight: 10,000 lbs
Shipping Weight: 6,000 lbs (nominal)
Air Requirements: 80-100 PSI, dry, regulated, oil free
Power Requirements: 115 VAC single phase, 50-60 Hz, 15 Amps (control)230 VAC single phase, 50-60 Hz, 40 Amps (dyno)

Dyno Tuning:

$300.00 for existing ATS tuning customers

$499.00 if you have a tuner or chip already

$699.00 2 hour session / hand held programmer included

$599.00 2 hour session/chip included

Dyno Testing:

3 runs for $75.00

$125.00 hourly rate

$800.00 a day (8 hours)

Air/Fuel and Data Logging Extra

Remote and Email Tuning

Support for HP Tuners, SCT and Diablosport tuning software.

Please call for pricing 864-401-8005